Organic Connections LLC.

A Bit About Us...

Hi! We are Organic Connections, and this is our incredible story.

Our beginnings were small... for as long as I could remember, my parents had a huge organic garden that fed us throughout the year with the help of a few perserving techniques like canning and drying. Live was good, Dad drove a truck for a living and Mom stayed home with me and my sister. I was less than 5 at the time.

Sometime before 1987, Dad got hurt and couldn't drive for a living anymore. Being lucky enough to live in Canada, the Government paid for Dad to go back to school to retrain. In the meantime to help supplement their income, my folks started hauling organic fruits and vegetables to health oriented markets and stores in nearby Toronto. In the beginning, things were slow and steady, but demand swiftly outstripped the supply of good quality fresh farm produce. It seemed as if we were on the cusp of something huge that people were crying out for. From the back of our brown, thirdhand pickup we saw the beginnings of our incredible organic industry.

Even though we could hardly keep up, we pushed on, and the fledgling business grew. We managed to negotiate a distributorship with a likeminded American distributor that was heavily into bulk herbs, Frontier Natural Products Co-Op. That was our first line of products. Later, we would shake the hands of Daniel Gagnon, the founder of Herbs Etc. and Mariam Massaro of Wise Ways Herbals. Other product lines would come and go, but these companies have always been near and dear to us, since they are of such outstanding quality and usefulness.

Our little business grew, and it wasn't long before one of our supplying farms decided (tragically) to give up on organics. Mom and Dad decided to leave the produce trucking business behind and concentrate on what would be called "organic herbs, spices, and related articles."

As things progressed, we realized there was a hole in the industry, there were no good quality herbs readily available to the end user. We decided to do something about it. Dad bought a secondhand teabagging machine and we started putting our great organic herbs into teabags and labelling them as Celebration Herbals (est. 1997).

Today, Celebration Herbals remains our brand and it is distributed around the world. We make lots of products, organic whenever possible, all with an eye for quality and value.

  • Herbal, Green, and Black tea (over 230 kinds)
  • Bottled Spices (over 100 items)
  • Vanilla Beans (packaged in test tubes)
  • Empty Tea Bags (made for people to make their own herbal blends)
  • And more to come!

Also, Organic Connections distributes all of Celebration Herbals, Frontier Co-operative herbs, Wise Ways Herbals, and other brands to health food stores and herbal practitioners across North America. One of our growing specialties is the supply of large volume organic ingredients and herbs to bakeries, neutraceuticals, and food manufacturers.

We are an organic processor, and certified Kosher. We are inspected regularly by the third party agencies Pro-Cert Organic Systems (Formerly OCPP) and KSA.

Our customers have remained the same throughout the years. Some of our best and oldest customers remind us now and then of the time they helped us unload vegetables in the heat of a Toronto summer. We've got a lot of new additions to the family, and are striving to grow our business with good ethics and a friendly, family oriented mentality.

We hope to serve you today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

From one in particular...

        ...and many in general, at Organic Connections.