Organic Certifiers and Standards

Organic Seal Pro Cert (formerly OCPP/Pro-Cert Inc) has been our organic processing certifier since 1997. They have helped and guided us towards better organic product integrity. USDA Organic seal All of our Organic products meet the COR (Canadian Organic Regulation) and are acceptable to the USDA-NOP equivalency agreement.

We encourage everyone to ask for and review the organic certificates of the companies they deal with on a regular basis in an effort to increase the transparency and reliability of Organic products in the marketplace, and to bring attention to fraudulent Organic claims.

Please note that not all of our products are organic. We sell non-organic products too, where markets and economy dictate. The products we sell that are not organic are marketed as "Ethically Wildcrafted" or "Pure Quality"

Organic Certification Documents

Organic Standards & Legislation

Kosher Certifications

KSA Pareve seal Kosher Supervision of America is our kosher certifier.
The vast majority of all the items we carry are kosher, and we are regularly inspected to ensure this status is justified.